Pro Staff Applications

Louisiana Triple Threat is now accepting applications for pro staff members.  Pro staff members will be provided with insider deals on all Louisiana Triple Threat products.  To arm yourself with the most versatile umbrella rig on the market, apply to join the Triple Threat Team!  Good luck!


To be considered please fill out the form below.  In the message area, please include a description of your fishing activities.  Include all of your social media accounts that you use for fishing purposes.  Please include in the descriptions the number of followers you have on each platform you list.  Please include your tournament trail information and experience, including any applicable recent finishes.  Thank you for your interest in Louisiana Triple Threat products.  Responsibilities of a pro staff member will include active promotion on social media platforms, research and development work on new prototypes, providing feedback to our site, store, and social media accounts, and actively representing our products as a brand ambassador on and off the water.